Sienna is a simple, albeit frustrating, one-button platformer.

The game started as a solo project by Simon but features some artwork by Lukas. Sienna was never properly finished but is still pretty fun if you like a challenge.


Gameplay video


Windows / Mac OS X / Linux

Also available from GitHub.

How to play

  • Press space to jump or wall jump when touching a wall. The longer you hold the button the higher you jump. It will often be necessary to press the button for only a splitsecond.
  • Press R to restart from last checkpoint (counts as a death).
  • Press return to restart from the beginning of the level.
  • Oh, and the blue orbs are checkpoints. You’re gonna need those.
  • That and patience. Lots of patience.

Licence / credits

Sienna uses the LÖVE framework licensed under the terms of the ZLIB licence. See for more information.

The background music is ‘A Scent of Europe’ by Rugar and is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.

All other assets (sprites, textures, sound effects etc.) are licensed under the CC BY-NC 3.0 licence.

All source code for Sienna with the exception of the modules TSerial.lua, slam.lua, and AdvTiledLoader are licensed under the ZLIB license.