Mr. Rescue

Mr. Rescue

Mr. Rescue is an arcade styled 2d action game centered around evacuating civilians from burning buildings.

The game features fast paced fire extinguishing action, intense boss battles, a catchy soundtrack and lots of throwing people around in pseudo-randomly generated buildings.

As of version 1.02 we have added XBox 360 controller support and fullscreen modes.


Gameplay video


Windows / Mac OS X / Linux

Also available from GitHub.

Source code

How to play

We highly recommend checking out the ingame how-to but here’s the basics:

  • Your job is to rescue civilians from a burning building.
  • You rescue people by picking them up and throwing them out the window.
  • Equipped with a water gun you must fight your way through flames and fire sprites but remember: your job is to rescue people!
  • When being near fire your suit will accumulate heat. Collect coolants to keep it from overheating.
  • You water tank only has limited capacity. Emptying it will make you water gun overheat so watch your water usage.


All assets (graphics, music, text) are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Unported License. See for more info.

All source code for Mr. Rescue with the exception of the modules slam, AnAL and TSerial, is licensed under the zlib license. Check the LICENSE file for more info.