Tobu Tobu Girl Super Game Boy preview

Posted on 23 May 2019 by @TangramGames

Hi everyone! We have been quite busy lately working on Super Game Boy Support and the new infinite game mode for Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe.

We have just about finished the work on Super Game Boy features, and would like to show you the results. The following pictures show the game running on a CRT TV.

The colorization options are pretty limited on the Super Game Boy compared to the Game Boy Color. As such, we had to keep the entirety of the playing field of the screen one palette. We decided on a pretty bold palette, focusing on stronger contrasting colors instead of a blander 1-hue palette.

The dominant hues we chose were blue, purple and pink. We decided on these colors because they suited the cute and light-hearted tone of the game, while also invoking the feeling of a sunset or a deep night sky. For the intro cutscene and the banners on the main menu, we went with a reddish-brown palette to emulate the look of an aging photograph.

We are still tweaking some of the color choices to make sure everyting looks nice on different TVs, but overall you can expect the final release to look more or less as presented here.

Here are also two short videos showing the game in motion running on an LCD TV.

We will release another blog update soon detailing the design and progress of the infinite game mode. In the mean time, check out this preview of the new song potato-tan has been working on for the game!