Wrapping up Tobu Tobu Girl

Posted on 15 Mar 2015 by @SimonLarsen

We recently finished up the remaining core elements of Tobu Tobu Girl and only sound and some technical stuff is missing before the game is complete.

We ended up making some more changes to the core design and have finally reached a design we are happy with. Most notably we made it possible to jump on enemies multiple times, mostly to make the game a lot more approachable for new players. However being able to carefully plan each jump makes the game way too easy and boring so a time limit has been added to push the player forward as well as some more difficult enemies. Dashing down into enemies will now kill them and reward you with blips for powerups.

The new design still has a rather high skill floor but this is probably as low as it gets if we want to keep the high skill ceiling. Overall the game is really shaping up nicely. Once sound has been added as well the game will really feel like a proper Game Boy game.